A Resonant Man

The quality of a sound being deep, full and reverberating.


This is Me

It has been long and short. Sometimes easy but mostly hard. Not to say that hard is a bad thing. Quite the opposite actually, hard is really the only way. When I look back on the defining, memorable and important moments in my life they were all hard in their own unique way.


The quote, unquote WHY. Doesn’t quite seem to do it justice you know. I’m sorry if you don’t have your own kids and this might not mean the same thing to you, but you might one day and then you will know just how important they will be to you!

Read to Utilize

Reading for me is not just to pass the time but it also isn’t just to absorb knowledge. It is to take that knowledge as best as you can and move it into action. Otherwise what’s the point. I’ll do my best with my primitive brain to break down how I decipher books. I will also do my best to keep a running list of what I read and how I think it helped me.

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