Showing up is Half the Battle. Sort of.

I know I have heard it somewhere. Showing up is half the battle or showing up is 90%. I agree with a lot of that statement but like so many of the clichés out there I think this is an unfinished statement, it’s only a half truth and at the end of the day it’s the easiest part of the equation. We are built to try to take the easiest path, that is our nature but it is only how the species survives, not how it thrives. I actually do believe that showing up is one of the hardest things to do. Hell it took me a full year to show up and post my first blog post even though I have been paying for this domain for almost a year. But there is a huge chunk we have left out… Just completely forgotten about.

So yes if you want to win the battle you have to show up to even have a chance. But what is your weapon? Your ammunition? How do you not just play but win?

Think of the difference in people you know in your life. Those you work with, go to the gym with, or just generally spend enough time doing something that is more than downing a pint with. There are people you know that do the same shit day in day out, week in week out. Man they are incredible at showing up but they don’t really improve and if they do it is never sustained for very long. You see them at the gym 3, 4 even 5 days a week and they look exactly the same as they did 3 years ago (and they aren’t already on the fit side), the golfer who has been a 16 handicap for the last 10 years or the person whose business has operated at basically the same level as long as you have known them. Now I am not hating on these people, I think we should actually commend them while helping them find what they are missing as they are doing a hell of a lot more than most people. At least they are showing up, that’s a lot better than most of us.

But after a while showing up becomes pretty tough when the results don’t come through. I don’t care how relentless you are, what crazy work ethic you think you have, at some point if it isn’t improving we should probably throw in the towel right? Well before we do that I ask that you add one more ingredient, that you finish the sentence. The missing piece here I hope is obvious but it may not be and it wasn’t obvious to me for a long time. The second part and what I feel is a 1B to the 1A of showing up is to bring some damn INTENTION.

Intention is the ultimate difference maker. It means the difference between maintenance and improvement. And I will get into it at another time but maintenance may be the biggest fallacy we have ever known. There is only getting worse or getting better and if all you are doing is showing up you are just slowing down the inevitability of getting worse.

Where do you find it?  Let’s get the “find” it out of the way, you don’t, it isn’t something you can find. It is not something on the outside to be searched for, it is something you decide on. You decide on it each and every day, sometimes you might even need to decide on each and every moment. Now that being said getting that granular can be pretty anxiety inducing. Are there days where your intention may just be showing up? For sure. I actually had one of them this morning. The fact that I even made it downstairs to workout blew my mind, but if you truly want to improve, those days need to become fewer and farther apart until they are almost non existent.

Well then what is it? How do you craft it? Honestly it’s much simpler than you probably think. It is walking into every situation in your life aligning the feeling you would like to create for yourself and those involved and then doing the things you believe fulfill that intention. Rather than reacting to a situation once you are in it.  Remember intention has nothing to do with outcome. It is not I will bench press 300lbs but I will execute every rep with perfect form. It is not I want my wife to feel beautiful but more of I will do 1 little thing a day that will lead to my wife feeling more beautiful. The funny thing is that while it is not outcome driven if you enter enough situations with proper intention you are probably really going to like the outcome over time.

Now I can only describe what intention is to me, I can’t tell you what yours should be and honestly it is going to vary based on your vision and values. But I can help and would love to hear from you on how you craft and execute on your intentions! It would be great if you dropped me a comment with your thoughts on this post and where you are nailing intention and where it might need to be a little more thoughtful.

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  1. I have a domain name sitting and waiting too. Glad you finally got around to using yours! Love the “resonance” theme. Resonance is powerful, it can knock down bridges and make a beautiful harmony. Keep writing!


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